Radio Educación


Radio Educación (Education Radio) was created on November 30, 1924, under the initiative of the then Secretariat of Public Education, José Vasconcelos, with the objective of making the best use of the potential of radio in the benefit of the educational and cultural tasks of the country. The new radio station began to broadcast with the taking of the office of the President Plutarco elías Calles, under the initials: CYE, Culture and Education.

After overcoming certain difficulties derived from political and administrative events, the radio station started a new cycle on 1968. The station, now under the wing of the General Direction of Audiovisual Education of SEP, started its broadcasts again with precarious technical equipment, through the 1060 kilohertz of the Modulated Amplitude, under the initials: XEEP.

Today, Radio Educación is a decentralized organ of the Public education Secretariat, coordinated by the National Council for Culture and the Arts, whose main labor is to encourage and promote the educational, cultural, and artistic expressions of Mexico through the radio.

On the last four decades, Radio Educación has been an avant-garde radio institution that generates innovative approaches in its program and radio formats, as well as in the promotion of different cultural initiatives.


Ángel Urraza 622, Col. Del Valle Centro, C.P. 3100, México, Ciudad de México


From Tuesday to Friday, 01:00 hrs.


Tel. (55) 4155 1050


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