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During 1998, a first exploration study was conducted to identify the youths in Mexico City, the form in which they group and take social action.

Between 1989 and 1992 we endeavored in researching the issue of “Youths, their Means and Effects”, by formulating the questions: What are the means they have in their reach to join society in a formal and informal manner? What are their skills and capabilities? Which are their main obstacles and weaknesses?

Finally, between 1993 and 1997 we worked around the issue of professionalization of work for youths, and in this case the questions were: How can youths develop and find innovative ways to participate, on the basis of their own means and resources? How can we encourage the collective participation of this social group? How can we orient and support the initiatives of the youths in the sphere of culture?


Calz. la Viga 146, Col. Jamaica, Venustiano Carranza, C.P. 15800, México, Ciudad de México


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Tel. (55) 5740 3485, 5740 9012