Ex Convent of San Juan Evangelista Culhuacan Community Center

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The Ex Convent of San Juan Evangelista Culhuacan Community Center, was inaugurated in February 1984 within an Augustine convent built in 1560. This is one of the few historical monuments that belongs both to this period and area in the southeast of Mexico City. The walls, made of volcanic basalt or recinto, a distinctive material in the zone, stand out among the architectonic Renaissance features. The cloisters are of extreme sobriety, and inside them there are excellent frescos painted in the baroque plateresque style which reflect the mastery of the ancient tlacuilos, or culhuacan painters. The scenes of the Augustine Martyrs and the Worship of the Three Wise Men are prominent, among other murals, in the high cloister. Due to its historic, cultural and religious transcendence, Culhuacan was, since its foundation in pre Hispanic times (600 AD), a center of influence for the peoples who inhabited the lake basin of the current Mexico City. With this precedent, the site was chosen as a preaching center, a task started by the Franciscan order and later entrusted to the Augustine friars. Photograph: Atlas Cultural de México: SEP, INAH, Ed. Planeta; 1987.


Morelos 10, esquina con Av. Tláhuac, Col. Estrella Culhuacán, Iztapalapa, C.P. 9800, México, Ciudad de México


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