SHCP Art Museum. Old Archbishopric Palace


The current Museum of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) is built on the basement of the pyramid of Tecaztlipoca, protective god for the warriors, master of the underworld, omnipresent, among others characteristics. The first bishop of the New Spain Juan de Zumárraga, named archbishop in 1547, chose this place to set his residence. Along the area, the modest original construction was transforming, following the most diverse styles of the New Spain architecture. It reached its dimensions and majesty of Palace in the 18th century, characteristics that remain to these days. Its structure is composed of corridors surrounding the principal patio, with its quarry carved columns, decorations with flat Tuscan pilasters on both sides and elegant reduced arches that delimit the interior space with two beautiful patios with fountains. The façade is crowned by inverted arches with pinnacles, balconies on the top floor and a façade guarded by stipes.


Moneda 4, esquina con Lic. Primo Verdad, Cuauhtémoc, C.P. 6010, México, Ciudad de México


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December 04 2022

February 24 to December 31 2022

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