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To talk about the chapel is to talk about the house where Alfonso Reyes lived. In 1938, Manuel Toussaint set the first stone and it was built by the architect Carlos Rousseau.
In 1939, Alfonso Reyes retires from the diplomatic service and returns to Mexico together with his wife Manuela Mota de Reyes and their only son, Alfonso Reyes (who will be a remarkable doctor). Reyes and his wife will occupy the house for 20 years until his death; he will lived surrounded by his memories, books, manuscripts and endearing friends that always kept him company. One of his friends, the Spanish writer Enrique Diez-Canedo, got the idea to call the house “Alphonsine Chapel” for there you could breathe peace and tranquility, especially in the library where Reyes used to work because there you get to a sanctuary or chapel “a real temple of knowledge”.
The chapel was also a Literary Study Center that in addition to spreading and promoting Reyes’ work it has contributed in many other cultural activities such as courses, round tables, lectures, book and magazine presentations, among others.
Here you can find photos, documents, paintings and different objects that represent a part of Alfonso Reyes and his family life as well as pictures and lithography in which appears a part of the history of Mexico.


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