El Carmen Museum

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El Carmen Museum was inaugurated in 1938 within the former convent and school of El Carmen, and it is one of the few buildings in Mexico City that dates from the 17th century. Besides the importance owed to its origin, architecture and artistic treasures, the museum contains chapels, altarpieces, reliquaries, crypts, mummies and sculptures and paintings by Luis Juárez, Juan Correa, Cristóbal de Villalpando, Juan Becerra, Miguel Cabrera and Isidoro Vicente de Balbás. The museum has a permanent exhibition “The silence of the Carmelites”, which shows the history of this religious order since its origins, its founders and reformers, through paintings, sculptures, documents, furniture and many other elements. Temporary exhibitions of contemporary artists are installed in the corridors of this museum, and workshops, seminars, theatre, dance, as well as other cultural and artistic activities are offered. One of the major attractions in this museum is the exhibition of the mummified bodies of the Carmelites and benefactors of the former convent and school of El Carmen.


Av. Revolución 4 y 6, entre Monasterio y Rafael Checa , Col. San Angel, Alvaro Obregón, C.P. 1000, México, Ciudad de México


From Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 - 17:00 hrs.
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Tel. (55) 5550 4896, 5616 1177, 5616 1504 y 5616 2816