Luis Barragán House Museum

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House, studio and workshop, considered a key work of the 20th century architecture. It was built in 1947 by Luis Barragán in the area around the old neighborhood of Tacubaya, very near to Chapultepec Forest. In its 1161 square meters, it has a ground floor, two levels, courtyards, terraces and gardens.

After the death of its builder, the building was restored and equipped as a museum. It opened its spaces to the audience in 1994. Ten years later, in August 2004, the architectural ensemble was recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage because it integrates traditional and vernacular elements in synthesis with the modern language of architecture.

The museum houses personal objects, Mexican art works from the 16th to 20th centuries and collections, such Jesús Ferreira and Miguel Covarrubias collections. Exhibitions, lectures and different presentations take place in spaces that constituted his workshop and studios.

Nearby are other museums, such as the Technological Museum of the Electricity Federal Commission (MUTEC), Papalote Children’s Museum, Museum of the Sump of Chapultepec, and the Natural History Museum.


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