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Located in the heart of the capital of the state, the Fernando Calderón Theater is one of the most iconic buildings in Zacatecas, immutable and living witness of the history of the city.

The path of this theater has not been easy. Its construction began in 1832, given in the growing need of the people to have a venue to hold cultural events in the city. The place chosen is in a wide area, where there used to be a jail. A year later, the theater of the city opens its doors with the name of Coliseum.

In 1850, few years after the death of the celebrated author from Jalisco, it receives the name of Fernando Calderón and Beltrán Theater. However, unlike the building that we contemplate today, it did not have back then the distinctive façade that characterizes it. Even the extension of the land is less, due to a fire that occurred in 1889, during the preparations for an event called "Circus of the Wise Animals", that consumes all the premises and causes damage to the adjacent buildings.

On May 5, 1891, it starts the construction of the new building that concludes on May 16, 1897. The building imitates the canons of the Italian and French schools, in a neo-Renaissance style, both in the decoration of the façade and in the horseshoe type construction.

From 1914, it begins a dark path of the Calderón Theater, which goes from owner to owner and is meant for different uses (cinema, boxing matches and cock fights, political speeches) that little by little undermine the interior. Until 1962, when the theater became the headquarters of what would become the Autonomous University of Zacatecas (UAZ).


Av. Hidalgo 501, Col. Zacatecas Centro, C.P. 98000, Zacatecas, Zacatecas


From Monday to Sunday, 10:00 - 18:00 hrs.
Los horarios y precios varían de acuerdo a la programación de eventos culturales.


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Ana Lilia Morones Ruvalcaba , Alfonso Patricio Campuzano Cardona
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