Morelos Cinema


The Old Morelos Cinema is located in a land that in the 16th century occupied Tecpan of San Padro, that is, the house where the governor Lucas de San Martin Sadoval lived. Accordingly to the Municipal Codex of Cuernavaca in 1535 or 1540 which indicates it was a place that existed in the Tlahuica city of Cuauhnahuac, before the conquest. There used to gather the lords to entertain and dance at the rhythm of Teponaztli. They used to gather every celebration and to go to the palace for the Great Mayor to listen to mass and return with him to his home. The first Mayor in Cuernavaca was Don Francisco Peña, possible contemporary of Don Lucas de San Martin y Sandoval. Today, it is one of the main movie theaters in the country compared to the National Cinematheque in Mexico City.



Av. Morelos 188, esquina con Rayón, Col. Cuernavaca Centro, C.P. 62000, Cuernavaca, Morelos


From Monday to Friday, 10:00 - 16:00 hrs.
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Christian Hernández
Tel. (777) 318 1050 ext. 245


The Irishman

November 15 to 21 2019