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The Agustín Lara House Museum is aimed at making public the artistic career and personal life of the musician - poet, by means of the documents, photographs and objects that holds and ranging from 1932 until 1970.

As well as spreading and preserving the musical works of Maestro Agustin Lara, through the development of artistic and cultural events, performing the bohemian Wednesdays.

The Agustín Lara House Museum is a space for the exchange of ideas with the community of Veracruz linked to museum and artistic fields. A place known as La Casita Blanca was established as the Casa Museo Agustín Lara in honor of the famous musician poet from Veracruz. Built over forty years ago, the building that now houses the House Museum was property, according to the chronicler Paco Píldora, Vice Admiral Álvaro Sandoval, at that time Director of the Navy School, who gave it to Marco Antonio Muñoz, Governor of the State, who was subsequently ceded it to Agustín Lara. After the death of the musician poet, occurred in 1970, the house was abandoned for decades, until in 1989 began its reconstruction due to the initiative of the Cultural Institute of Veracruz and the Civil Association Friends of Lara. It is a space that is born with the purpose of bringing the new generations to one of the biggest artists that has given Veracruz to the world: the musician-poet Agustín Lara, best known and remembered by thousands of people as Flaco de Oro. This place has preserved the musical work of Agustín Lara through the bohemians Wednesday.


Blvd. Adolfo Ruiz Cortínez s/n, esquina con Ávila Cámacho, Col. Costa Verde, C.P. 94294, Boca del Río, Veracruz


From Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 - 17:00 hrs.


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