Ancient Jesuit College Cultural Center

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It has two halls for permanent exhibitions: Traditional Toys from Michoacan and Maque and Bateas (lacquered wood trays). There is a Graphics Workshop supporting the production of graphic and visual arts as well. It lodges an important collection of masks. This Cultural Center coordinates and promotes temporary exhibitions by local, national and international artists. It has an auditorium where diverse artistic activities are performed and films are screened as part of the Film Club. The building is part of the San Salvador Cathedral, whose erection started in 1540, by order of the then Bishop Vasco de Quiroga. In this place, Vasco de Quiroga lived and established his bishopric while the construction of the current Basilica of Our Lady of the Good Health was finished. The Jesuits occupied the temple and the house in 1574 and founded The Patzcuaro College here, today The Ancient Jesuit College Cultural Center, which organizes a great deal of the cultural activities in the city. The site where the former Jesuit conventualgroup  is currently located was, in pre-Hispanic times, a ceremonial Purepecha center.


Alcantarilla S/N, Col. Pátzcuaro Centro, C.P. 61600,, Michoacán


From Wednesday to Friday, 09:00 - 14:00 hrs.
sábado y domingo, 09:00 - 15:00 hrs.


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Tel. (434) 342 3127 y 342 4477