Conservatory of the Roses

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The name was invented by the people of Valladolid, towards the late 18th century.

The School of Santa Rosa, antecedent of the conservatory, was a space designed to receive, exclusively, women (child and youths), which had a loggia, an architectonic element profusely used in Italian architecture of the 18th century, a sort of gallery or corridor that is open in one of its sides, sustained by columns and arches.

This loggia is four meters above the ground and it was only from there where the girls had permission to see the world on Sundays. From this solemn height they contemplated the gravity of the world.

In this school music was taught, because the girls played musical instruments as a part of their education. It was a conservatory and the beautiful (we were told) youths of Santa Rosa were: “the roses”.

The Conservatory of the Roses is, today, one of the music schools with a great tradition in our state.


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