Frida Kahlo Artistic Teaching Center (Cedart)

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This educational model comprises high-school education with courses from five artistic fields. Due to its propaedeutic characteristic, it gives the basis and knowledge needed to continue the education to a higher level in the art level as well as in the social sciences and humanities. The purpose of this high-school is not to form artists. However, from the knowledge of dance, music, theater, plastic and visual arts and literature we contribute to develop the skills of high school and artistic competences as well that result in an integral formation of its graduates. The syllabus in Art and Humanities is taught in a regular school curriculum. The admission to this high school implies the acceptance that the study of artistic areas are mandatory and require vocational certainty and a total disposition to take them in harmony with the rest of the subjects. This is why the admission process looks to check that the applicants fulfill the personal expectations those of the institution.


Plaza de la República 7, Col. Tabacalera, Cuauhtémoc, C.P. 6030, México, Ciudad de México


From Tuesday to Saturday


Tel. (55) 5546 7435