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Chanel 22 and UNAM TV join efforts to give life to the only TV program of cartoonists: Chamuco TV, in which the cartoonists Cintia Bolio, Antonio Helguera, Helguera, José Hernández, Monero Hernández, Rafael Pineda, Rapé, Rafael Barajas, El Fisgón and Patricio Ortiz, Patricio Monero, bring the spirit of the iconic magazine of political criticism and graphic humor to the screen, El Chamuco and los hijos del averno (The Devil and the Sons of Hell), founded by Rius in 1996.

This program is an exercise of free and critical journalism, where the cartoon is the plastic resource to understand the reality of the country. In half an hour, the cartoonists summoned the main characters current political, cultural and social events to discuss issues of the the national agenda, or to recreate conversations with historical and fictional characters whose relevance responds to the news moment. We’ll also have the next frequent sections: Parallel Universes by Rafael Barajas El Fisgón, Don Chepino by Patricio, Headlines of Head by Helguera and Female Cartoonists of the World by Cintia Bolio, among others.


Rafael Pineda “Rapé”, José Hernandez, Cintia Bolio y Fisgón


August 01 to October 30 2022
, 20:30 - 21:00 hrs.

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