The Bakery

Acting Lab Inspired on Der Brotladen by Bertolt Brecht

Around the bakery of a neighborhood street, in any city, the economic crisis has unleashed a generalized unemployment wave, which causes a fierce struggle to eat and for the little current capital. The contenders are both victims and accomplices of a savage, voracious and ruthless capitalism that is increasingly daily and suffocating. Fiction or reality? So close it could be the bakery on the street of any of us nowadays.


Octavio Michel


Octavio Michel


Adrián Aguirre, Marta Aura, Miguel Cooper, Néstor Galván, Axel García, Olaff Herrera, Jorge León, Carlos Oropeza, Carlos Orozco, Teresa Rábago y el apoyo del equipo técnico: Constanza Etchechury, Liliana Figueroa, Adriana Lara, Vianey Martínez, Daniel Mercado, Luis E. Palacios, Melissa Varish y Viridiana Velasco.

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