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The Poetry from the Resiliency


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Roundtable about the career of Palomo Arriaga. Moderator: Luis Erick Anaya Siurob.

Eduardo Fernando Arriagada Lagunas is a Chilean poet and writer. He is a human rights activist. He studied the bachelor’s in cinema and television at ARCIS University in Santiago, Chile, graduating on 2003 as scriptwriter and librettist. He writes poetry since he was 13 years of age and has been published in anthologies in Argentina, Spain, Australia, and in different editions of books and literary magazines in Chile. He has published: Written in Ink, Petals, Thorns, and Amongelatine (2014), A Fire that Speaks and Other Fires (2015), and Amongelatine (2017). He has been invited to different festivals and summits of writers in the region, among them to Argentina, Cuba, and Mexico.


November 26 2019
Tuesday , 18:00 - 19:00 hrs.
Free admission