Konrad, the Boy Who Came Out of a Preserves Can

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The extravagant Mrs. Berti Bartolotti, addicted to buy in the internet, receives a factory kid she can’t remember ordering.

Berti and the rigorous pharmaceutical Egon, her boyfriend on Tuesday and Saturday, must change their ambient and routine to serve the needs of the newly arrived. Konrad, the “perfect” kid, also must fit in an imperfect world.

These characters will try to find the balance to create a unique family, where their differences complete themselves as persons, because all the forms of family fit in society if we respect the others’ rights and needs.


Teatro en Fuga.


Wednesday November 20 2019, 17:00 - 18:00 hrs.


María Grever Theater   Ver más información del recinto

Álvaro Obregón 217 Col. Centro, C.P. 37000, León, Guanajuato   Cómo llegar