The Darkness

5th Season of the Mexiquense Cinematheque at BMCC: Mexican Horror

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The film tells the story of a family led by a father (Brontis Jodorowksi) who keeps his three sons locked in, only letting them use gas masks and rifles. The world seems to have stopped after a devastating, apocalyptic event, which we never get to know. Something shivers in the woods: a presence, a horror without name nor face. When the elder brother (Fenand Revell) disappears in the woods, the younger (Aliocha Stonikoff, nominated to an Ariel for his performance) challenges the father to go look for his brother and save his little sister, but save her from what? A beast they have never seen face to face? From madness? Or, from something more terrifying, real and close? Such as the fear of somebody who should protect you?


Daniel Castro


November 23 2019
Saturday , 16:00 - 17:00 hrs.
Free admission


Bicentennial Mexiquense Cultural Center   Ver más información del recinto

Carretera Federal Los Reyes–Texcoco Km. 14.3. Localidad San Miguel Coatlinchán CP 56250 Col. San Miguel Coatlinchán, C.P. 56250, Texcoco, Estado de México   Cómo llegar