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I Think, Therefore I Am. Our Daily Philosophy


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Thinking is an activity we perform in a natural and spontaneous manner, each instant, every day, all the human beings do it in our ephemeral and fleeting stay in this universe. Have you ever wondered why do we think?

Philosophy is one of the most important fields of the human beings, already aspires to reach the very meaning of life. It teaches us to reflect on reflection itself, to continuously question already established truths, to verify hypotheses and find conclusions.

How do we make our though a philosophical activity?


Imparte: Mtra. Elizabeth de la Torre Flores.


November 21 2019
Thursday , 17:00 - 18:00 hrs.
Free admission


Bicentennial Mexiquense Cultural Center   Ver más información del recinto

Carretera Federal Los Reyes–Texcoco Km. 14.3. Localidad San Miguel Coatlinchán CP 56250 Col. San Miguel Coatlinchán, C.P. 56250, Texcoco, Estado de México   Cómo llegar