Pelegrín Clavé: Origin and Meaning

The exhibition: Pelegrín Clavé: Origin and Meaning (1811-1880) poses an approach to the work of this important artist who, from his artistic and ideological education in Rome, he was able to make up a pedagogic program in a country that was foreign for him, torn between political forces that attempted to underpin their ideologies and forms of government, and where the artist found a fertile ground to consolidate fame and economic growth. For the twenty.one years where Pelegrín Clavé lived in Mexico, he was able to organize a fruitful school of painting, which responded to the political needs of the time, in parallel, he became the most important portrait painter of Mexican society, thus leaving a pictorial testimony that allow us to delve in the intimate world of those who were part of the elite of the 19th century Mexico.

This exhibition is the first retrospective exhibition dedicated entirely to the formal analysis of the artistic creation of Pelegrín Clavé. With this exhibition, the National Museum of San Carlos begins a program of exhibitions dedicated to the review and study of the artists who were part and gave identity to the Mexican painting school, through the San Carlos Academy.


November 14 2019 to March 29 2020
From Tuesday to Sunday , 10:00 - 18:00 hrs.
$50.00MX general admission. Teachers and students with ID, senior citizens with INAPAM card, persons with physical disabilities, children under 13 years old, free admission. Free admission on Sunday.

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