Red Like the Sky

Cinema, Art and Disability Festival

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In Tuscany in the 70s, the little 10-year-old Mirco is a movie lover, but because of an unfortunate accident he loses his sight and the law considers him unable to access the public school, so his parents are forced to send him to an institution. There, the boy finds an old open coil recorder and discovers that only with the use of sounds he can create fairy tales. Although people at the Institute try to make him give up his hobby, Mirco will convince other blind children to discover their own talents.


Cristiano Bortone, Paolo Sassanelli, Mónica Zapelli


Cristiano Bortone


Paolo Sassanelli, Luca Capriotti, Marco Cocci, Simone Colombari, Patrizia La Fonte, Francesco Campobasso, Alessandro Fiori


November 28 2019
Thursday , 16:00 - 17:30 hrs.
Free admission


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