Anonymous Heroes: Technicians and Artists of Mexican Cinema

Archive: From the Private to the Public

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A good idea isn’t enough for the cinematographic phenomena to occur, but a sum of wills that, on each stage of the creation of a movie, require the work of very different persons. Few times we stop to consider that there is a veritable army of workers who collaborate to make it possible, a group of technicians such as the microphone operator, the hairdresser, the direction assistant, the continuist, among others whose trades hasn’t always been acknowledged. It is because of this that this exhibition pays homage to these “artists of the technique”, through 58 representative images of the period between 1931 and the 1990s, coming from different archives and signed by the best Mexican photographers of all times. We aim to make visible the everyday activity of those who, throughout history, with their silent but vital labor, have made possible this perfect engine of art, science, and commerce that is the cinema.



Curaduría: Eliza Lozano & Roberto Fiesco


November 03 to December 07 2019
From Monday to Sunday , 01:00 - 00:00 hrs.
Free admission


Open Gallery of the Fences of Chapultepec Forest   Ver más información del recinto

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Anonymous Heroes: Technicians and Artists of Mexican Cinema

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