Inhabited Land, Landscape and Rupestrian Art in Querétaro and Guanajuato

The exhibition aims to bring the society close to the complexity of the petroglyphs and the rupestrian paintings that, in Mexico and other nations, have preserved since the antiquity in caves, shelters, and rock walls. Also, it offers a relative panorama about who were the men and women who made those images, with a peculiar emphasis in the scientific knowledge that INAH and other research centers have of the ancient societies of Querétaro and Guanajuato.

In the exhibition, the audience can find archaeological materials, photos, multimedia approaches, installations, and contemporary works by artists of Querétaro, through which we visualize the creators of the rupestrian, their territory, the ceremonies they developed, and the different human, zoomorphic, fitomorphic, and geometrical representations that they inherited to posterity.


October 30 2019 to April 19 2020
From Tuesday to Sunday , 09:00 - 18:00 hrs.

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Regional Museum of Queretaro   Ver más información del recinto

Corregidora Sur 3 Col. Centro, C.P. 76000, Querétaro, Querétaro   Cómo llegar

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