A Beast in My Garden

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A Beast in My Garden presents us the story of Damián, a 6 year-old boy and his mother Lionila, who live in a shelter for migrants called -The Rest-, there they are visited by many migrants, because his mother and other women dedicate their lives to help them, providing food and shelter to people who, same as birds, migrate looking for the heat of a more dignified life.

Damián makes many friends, even if they only last for a while and he missed them a lot. He grows up learning what it’s to help others, but there are dangers and questions that don't let him sleep. He dreams of the famous Beast, who is also tired of carrying so many stories and pains on his back.

A day like any other, everything changes for the small family. Damian rides the beast to overcome his fears. The text proposes to tell the story with actors, puppets, live music and acrobatics.


October 06 to 27 2019
Sunday , 13:00 - 14:00 hrs.
$120.00MX General admission, $100.00MX Students, teachers, former students and seniors., $80.00MX Groups of 5 people or more.


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