Neo Expressionism, from Expressionism to Decadentism

Film Course

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Neo Expressionism expresses a romantic romanticism just like its antecedent (Expressionism) both derived from the psychological and metaphysical concerns from the post-war as well as the mystery of the new century, its changes and Fate.

Both predict the feeling and sensation of the atmosphere of uncertainty of and in face of the individual, due to many vertiginous transformations and transitions, radical and structural, in a common point between the societies in the early 20th and 21st century.

In this point we will relate from the perspective of Decadentism, thus establishing a parallel between the social, economic, cultural, and philosophical schemes of France in the late 19th century and our 21st century, in the social frustration and that of the individual, in our sensation of pessimism in a society that sees and announces its decline.

The course starts on August 31 and until December 14th, from 10:30 to 13:30 hours.






Impartido por el Profesor Joaquín Rubio Salazar, Profesor en Apreciación Cinematográfica, Historia del Arte, Fotografía, Filosofía, Semiótica, Sociología, Ética y Estética, Historia del Cine, Cine Mexicano, Psicología, Europa contemporánea, México actual. Realiza estudios a nivel Licenciatura de Filosofía en la UNAM. Estética del Cine en el Instituto de Cultura Superior (ICS) y especialización en Artes y Humanidades en la Universidad de Surrey, Inglaterra.


August 13 to 31 2019
From Monday to Friday , 01:00 hrs.
Dates are for registration *limited capacity*



Mexican Institute for Justice   Ver más información del recinto

Francisco Sosa 409, Esquina con Salvador Novo Col. Barrio Santa Catarina, C.P. 4010, Deleg. Coyoacán México, Ciudad de México   Cómo llegar

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