The Weak Ones

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Victor has a fight with a 13-year-old boy called Selfie, who belongs to a gang; hours later, he finds his dogs dead. The protagonist will begin a trip across Sinaloa with the objective of finding the teenager. On his way, he finds a series of disturbing and eccentric characters who can tell, or not, the truth about the whereabouts of the young delinquent. In his opera prima, the directors Raúl Rico and Eduardo Giralt Brun make a fable about the odyssey of a man and his search for justice in an environment where a whole gallery of faces whose psyche reveals the hostility and disenchantment that permeate Mexico today.


Raúl Rico y Eduardo Giralt Brun


Raúl Rico y Eduardo Giralt Brun


José Luis Lizárraga (Víctor), Joshua Estrada (Selfie), Javier Chimaldi (don Kike), Eduardo Martínez (López), Eduardo Carreón (El Don), Eduardo Rauda (Carles), Sean Hennessey (El Gringo), Ulises Bojorquez (metalero), Javier Díaz Dalannis (pescador)


August 15 2019
Thursday , 16:00 - 17:05 hrs.
Free admission