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Georges Perec and the Grammar of Disappearance

Special Worskhop

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How to create literature in face of the devastation, exploitation, and extermination? How to tell the stories of the missing?

In face of the tragedy of losing his parents in the concentration camps of the Second World War, the French writer George Perec narrates the disappearance of his parents in non-conventional ways, the first of them through the use of lipograms (texts where one or several letters of the alphabet is deliberately eliminated), the second one with something he called the potential memory, and the next through the construction of non-linear stories.

The workshop will take place from September 4th to October 16th (six sessions), on Wednesday, from 19 to 21 hours.


The course will be taught in the headquarters of the Xavier Villaurrutia Literary Creation Center, with a capacity limited to 10 persons.

Persons interested must attend the Center must complete their registration form, ask for the payment form, and deliver the copy of the elector’s ID.


The sessions of the course will be offered in real time and pre-recorded through streaming in private screen.

Limited capacity for 10 persons. For more information and ask for the instructions to register and the payment form, write at:


Imparte: Yunuen Díaz


July 30 to September 11 2019
From Monday to Friday , 10:00 - 13:00 hrs.
Dates and hours for registration.

$600.00MX Price of the course, for both modes.


Xavier Villaurrutia Literary Creation Center   Ver más información del recinto

Nuevo León 91 , C.P. 6140, Deleg. Cuauhtémoc México, Ciudad de México   Cómo llegar

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