Rosalie Blum

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The life of Vincent Machot, who is in his thirties, takes place among his hairdresser, his cousin, his cat and his dominant mother.

One day, Vincent meets Rosalie Blum by chance, a mysterious and lonely woman, and he’s convinced of suffering a déja-vu, he feels that he has met her once. Intrigued, he decides to follow her everywhere, hoping to know more about her. He doesn’t imagine that this will take him to an adventure full of surprises, where he’ll discover fantastic and endearing characters.


Julien Rappeneau


Noémie Lvovsky, Kyan Khojandi, Alice Isaaz, Anémone, Philippe Rebbot, Sara Giraudeau, Camille Rutherford, Nicolas Bridet, Pierre Diot, Matthias Van Khache, Grégoire Oestermann


June 24 2019
Monday , 20:00 - 21:30 hrs.
Free admission


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