National Student Music Group Contest: The Series

Student Music Group or tunas have their origin in Spain around the 13th and 14th centuries. Because of its cheerful, festive and light nature, they soon spread throughout Europe.

This tradition transcended the centuries and its true renaissance was in the 1960s, when Student Music Groups flourished thanks to the enthusiasm of several groups of young Spanish, who made different tours throughout Latin America to encourage this tradition that, although it has become a true university student institution, it has its greatest secret in the intense taste and popular roots. In Mexico, the famous "Street Soirées" in Guanajuato, with the " Student Music Group " as protagonist, influenced in a definitive way to irradiate this influence across the country.

With this program, Canal Once celebrates this tradition and offers a space to the National Student Music Group Contest, whose objective is to retake and promote among youths, the roots of this music as an important part of the national culture.

This week:

In this program, the Blue and Gold Female tuna of the UNAM, and that of the Engineering and Architecture School of the IPN, make us happy with their beautiful performances of traditional melodies.


May 05 to June 30 2019
Sunday , 18:30 - 19:00 hrs.

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