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John and Sabina

Rights of Nature

A dynamic and innovative program that seeks to debate the major issues on the national agenda, with key personalities from the political, social and cultural spheres of Mexico.

Dialogue and entertainment that aim to break schemes and informational hierarchies, fostering critical awareness and citizen participation, for the reconstruction of the country and the reinterpretation of reality.

This week:

What should be the relationship between humans and nature? What is the relationship between neoliberalism and the idea of ​​nature as an object available to humans? Is it possible to think of another approach from which the modern dichotomy of nature / humanity can be overcome, as two separate entities?

In this program John and Sabina reflect on an important topic: the "Rights of Nature", with one of the main promoters in Mexico, the actress and playwright Jesusa Rodríguez.

Also, Blanca Salces will share a fun Stand Up to introduce us to the topic, we’ll have the participation of university students in the studio, as well as an entertaining political sketch with outstanding actresses and actors.


May 14 to July 31 2019
Tuesday , 22:00 - 23:00 hrs.

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