Let´s Make Peace

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"Let's Make Peace", is a work focused on the sorority of four artists who are part of the show; which, after long nights of talks, where intimate, painful, amusing and loving confessions were made; they decided to make this literary creation, to take it to the stage and finally share them with the audience.

This new production will have its season in the basement of Macedonio Alcalá Theater, which creates a precedent by opening new spaces to local productions.

The staging will be strengthened through a creative exchange with "Idiotas Teatro" an independent Mexican company, as well as, with the co-direction of Cristian David, the scenic advising of Fernando Reyes Reyes and the design of lighting and set design by Edgar Blackberry.

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Grupo Espejo Escénico


Lucina Rojas, Liliana Alberto, Georgina Saldaña, Isis Orozco


May 10 to June 01 2019
Friday y Saturday , 21:30 - 22:30 hrs.


Macedonio Alcala Theater   Ver más información del recinto

Av. Independencia 900, Esquina con Armenta y López Col. Oaxaca Centro, C.P. 68000, Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca   Cómo llegar