Emiliano Zapata, at One Hundred Years of His Death

In 2019 we commemorate one hundred years of the death of Emiliano Zapata, general and leader of the agrarian revolution in the south of the country. Zapata rose in arms on 1911 and, from the postulates of the Plan of Ayala, he started a campaign to restore to the communities the lands that for years were confiscated. He opposed the Francisco Madero’s government and Victoriano Huerta’s afterwards, and finally he opposed Carranza’s too. On 1919 he was betrayed by Jesús Guajardo, who had pretended to join his ranks; in the Hacienda of Chinameca, in the state of Morelos, Zapara was murdered.

To commemorate the anniversary of his death, in Caracol Museum you can see a temporary exhibition about his movement and the most important moments of the Southern Liberation Army.


May 18 to August 01 2019
From Tuesday to Sunday , 09:00 - 16:00 hrs.
Free admission

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El Caracol Museum. Gallery of History   Ver más información del recinto

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Emiliano Zapata, at One Hundred Years of His Death

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