Hamlet Machine

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In Hamlet Machine, Müller writes a brief piece –a non-realistic theater object— to be in between at the middle of a representation of Hamlet by Shakespeare, a detonation against the fixed theater conventions so they are exhibited as accomplices of the power that criminalizes everything, punishing it until trivialization.

The play is an essay, a poem, a journalistic piece, as Shakespeare’s theater is outside the hardcover collections, but it is essentially dramatic because it has the only thing theater cannot do without: the power to curse and bless the world by the word, turning it necessary by means of public call of the invisible. Hamlet Machine is the last master piece of a century that demolished everything to surrender later to the exact historical reconstruction of the destroyed.


Heiner Müller


José Luis Álvarez Hidalgo


Mutis Compañía Teatral.


May 17 to June 28 2019
Friday , 21:00 - 22:00 hrs.


Casa del Faldon (House of the Coattails) Cultural Center   Ver más información del recinto

Primavera Ote. 43 Col. Centro, C.P. 76000, Querétaro, Querétaro   Cómo llegar