DIVAS A Different Musical

March 11th is the date when 5 friends gather together to commemorate the day they met at the university. All of them are very different in ideas and have a very similar heart, united by passion and the desire to succeed in a world of men. One of them keeps a secret, which will be revealed at the end of this first ... or last meeting.


Leo Walls


Leo Walls


Sarah Cahz, Lily Quiñones, Sasha Moreno, Mariela Coria, Fernanda Armonía, Miguel A. Garcia, Fernanda Caso, Zohemi Mtz, Alicia Barragán, Dany Lira, Fernanda Zepeda, Emmanuel Díaz, Miriam Loza, Daf Garcoz, Ada Donis, Leslie Radillo, Alexia Gurza, Ludwing Nohe, Leo Walls (alternando funciones).


May 19 to August 04 2019
Sunday , 13:30 - 15:00 hrs.

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Marlowe Hall   Ver más información del recinto

Juan Escutia 126, Esquina con Circuito Bicentenario y Zamora Col. Condesa, C.P. 6140, Deleg. Cuauhtémoc México, Ciudad de México   Cómo llegar

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