Shiva Effect

The sample consists of 52 large-format images, by Daniel Taveira. The visual set reflects the strength, adaptability and spirit of the Carioca favelas, particularly Vigário Geral, where the NGO AfroReggae Cultural Group has had a positive impact through its actions.

Despite such dramatic circumstances, this cultural group opted for creativity as a negation of the violence, revenge and destruction associated with the favelas. Their philosophy is to let the past die to resurface in an environment free of ties and recriminations.


December 14 2018 to May 31 2019
From Monday to Sunday , 01:00 - 00:00 hrs.
Free admission

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Benito Juárez International Airport Exhibit Centre Terminal 2   Ver más información del recinto

Interior de la Terminal 2 del AICM, entre las puertas 5 y 6. Col. México (Lic. Benito Juárez), C.P. 15620, Deleg. Venustiano Carranza México, Ciudad de México   Cómo llegar

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