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Rincón Colorado. Land of the Dinosaurs

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Come to visit Rincón Colorado, it is one of the places where a great concentration of dinosaur remains has been found in the country, among them Velafrons coahuilensis, which until now has not been found anywhere else in the world.

With this distinction, the site becomes an educational area in which visitors can see seven display windows with reproductions of fossils of dinosaurs that lived 72 million years ago.

The route is made in two paths: the first called Paleontological Windows, which shows the places where the fossils were found at different times of the excavation; in these spaces more than 120 reproductions of dinosaur bones, made from the original pieces, can be seen.

There are seven windows, each with attractive thematic cells that offer information on the characteristics and way of life of dinosaurs, along with an explanation of how paleontological work is carried out.

The second path, called the Geological Time, the visitor can measure the time traveled since the planet Earth appeared in the Solar System, to account for one of the most important moments in the evolution of life...

In the highest part of the area, there is a circular viewpoint with, from where you can have an extraordinary 360° view of the valley, as well as offering an impressive view of the desert of Coahuila.


November 26 2018 to November 26 2019
From Tuesday to Sunday , 10:00 - 17:00 hrs.
Free admission


Rincón Colorado Palentological Museum   Ver más información del recinto

Hidalgo S/N Col. Gral. Cepeda, C.P. 25950, General Cepeda, Coahuila   Cómo llegar