Tokyo. Before and After

Photographic exhibition that seeks to answer what kind of city is Tokyo, the Japanese capital and the center of politics, economy and culture of that nation, as well as its future, from the remains of the ancient city previously called Edo (Edo Period 17th to mid-19th century), through the great Kanto earthquake in 1923, the air rides of the Pacific War, between 1940 and 1945, to the high economic growth that would transform the city into a complex and chaotic mixture of the past, present and future.

With the curatorship of the critic and historian Kotaro Iizawa, the exhibition brings together about 100 photographs taken in two periods: 1930-1940 and 2010-2018. The first section, entitled "Before", includes black and white portraits of Koga magazine and the NIPPON photobook, which was directed by photographer Yonosuke Natori. In addition to a series of snapshots of the center of Tokyo, taken by Kineo Kuwabara (1913), who at that time was an amateur photographer.


En colaboración con la Fundación Japón en México


November 08 2018 to January 20 2019
From Tuesday to Sunday , 10:00 - 17:00 hrs.
Free admission

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National Museum of the Cultures of the World   Ver más información del recinto

Moneda 13 Centro Histórico. Col. Centro (Área 2), C.P. 6010, Deleg. Cuauhtémoc México, Ciudad de México   Cómo llegar

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