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A human being thinks that by climbing a mountain he conquers it in certain way, but we are only visitors in this icy and inhospitable environment. In this second episode we make a magnificent journey from depressions to the great mountain ranges that form our planet, passing through volcanoes; explaining the formation of the highest peaks, as well as the wonderful geological phenomena that occur in them. Showing us, in addition, how life can develop in these extreme conditions.


June 01 to 30 2018
From Tuesday to Sunday , 16:00 - 16:50 hrs.
$15.00MX only screening at the Planetarium, $35.00MX includes entrance ticket to the museum


TAMUX Museum of Natural History of Tamaulipas   Ver más información del recinto

Blvd. Fidel Velázquez S/N (Int. de la Unidad Deportiva Siglo XXI) S/N Col. Horacio Terán, C.P. 87130, Victoria, Tamaulipas   Cómo llegar