Testimonies of a Mural

The exhibition is integrated by 50 images, including photographs, plans and maps, which pay tribute to those who rescued Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in the Alameda Park after the earthquake occurred on September 19th, 1985. This work was housed in Del Prado Hotel and they professionally moved it and then they had the vision to first save it and then build this museum to house it; it’s a sample with which we celebrate the protection and preservation of the mural for its good health".

In this exhibition, the audience will find photographs (b&w and color) where the building of the museum, its façade, different movements that the mural suffered in December 1986 were portrait and we can see Tomás Zurian discovering the mural in its new enclosure.

There are also images of Diego Rivera painting the mural, of panoramic pictures by the photographer Nacho López, of building and façade of Del Prado Hotel, of damaged buildings by the 1985 earthquake, of the demolition of Regis Hotel and plans and panoramic views of the Alameda Park.

"There are maps and old plans of Alameda Park displayed, passing through the first movement of the mural, inside Hotel del Prado in 1960 and then its second movement that happened after the earthquake, until the moment it arrived in the parking lot of Ritz Hotel and also to the Alameda Foundation till our days.

It’s a photographic record that aims to be parallel to the history that the mural narrates which is the history of Mexican modernity understood from the Conquest of Mexico to the Germanism that is what Diego Rivera lives and narrates and that also shows a very critic interpretation of the history of Mexico. "


February 16 2018 to December 31 2019
From Tuesday to Sunday , 10:00 - 18:00 hrs.
$35.00MX General admission, Free admission

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