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February 12, 1918: Manuel M. Diéguez Leads the Military Campaign in Michoacán

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At the end of 1917, president Venustiano Carranza appointed General Enrique Estrada, governor of Zacatecas, in charge of leading the campaign against the bunch of José Inés Chávez García. This decision was not well received by the governor of the state, general Pascual Ortiz Rubio, who considered a serious interference in the sovereignty of the state, by being the military campaign in hands of a governor from a different state.

With the aim of avoiding a confrontation between the governor and the forces of Carranza, the president decided to appoint, against the rebels, a general of all his confidence: Manuel M. Diéguez. The strategy paid off, since by the end of 1918, the rebels from Michoacán were virtually defeated.

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