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Recent Findings at the Ceremonial Center of Tenochtitlan

* La actividad consultada ya no está vigente, finalizó el: January 26 2019.
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In an interesting tour through Guatemala Street, between the streets of Licenciado Primo Verdad and Brasil, the participants will learn about the recent findings at the Ceremonial Center of Tenochtitlan. Among the most important ones stand out the monumental sculpture the goddess of the Earth Tlaltecuhtli (Templo Mayor Museum Site, Seminar 8) and the remains of the school for nobles, Calmecác. (Calmecác Museum Site/ Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico, Guatemala 18)

As a complementary activity, at the basement of the building located in Guatemala 22 is a reconstruction of adjoining pre-Hispanic structures using photographic images.


Coordina: Pedro Ibarra Mosqueda.


January 12 to 26 2019
Thursday , 12:00 - 13:40 hrs., 14:00 - 15:40 hrs.
Meeting Point: Lobby from the Museum of the Main Temple

$70.00MX general admission, includes access to the museum


Templo Mayor Museum   Ver más información del recinto

Seminario 8 Col. Centro (Área 6), C.P. 6060, Deleg. Cuauhtémoc México, Ciudad de México   Cómo llegar

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