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February 8, 1918: Administration of Justice in Mexico City

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In accordance with paragraph 5 of section VI of article 73 of the Constitution, the administration of justice would be in the hands of a prosecutor. After the organization of the District and the Federal Territories, the constitutional order was resumed little by little. In 1917, Carranza appointed the young writer and lawyer from Jalisco José Martínez Sotomayor, Attorney General of the Federal District. At the beginning of 1918, Alfredo Breceda was appointed governor of the Federal District.

With the authorization of President Carranza, Breceda appointed Carlos I. Meléndez on February 8, 1918 as Procurator of the Federal District Attorney, who stood in for Martinez Soto Mayor. To give legal certainty to the administration of justice in the Federal District and the Federal Territories, the government of Carranza issued the Organic Laws of the Public Prosecutor, District, and Federal and Federal Territories on September 9, 1919.

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