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February 4, 1918: Cándido Aguilar Swears-in as Secretary of Foreing Affairs

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On February 4, 1918, the General Cándido Aguilar sworn-in before President Venustiano Carranza as Secretary of Foreign Affairs. Cándido Aguilar was a prominent revolutionary general and member of the Constituent Congress of 1916-1917.

A close collaborator of Venustiano Carranza, he was governor of Veracruz and Secretary of Foreign Affairs in his government. As chancellor, he maintained with dignity the neutrality of Mexico in World War I, resisting the pressures of the United States and Germany for Mexico to participate in the war.

Later, he was governor of Veracruz, being one of the few generals who remained faithful to Carranza when the rebellion broke out in Agua Prieta, which overthrew and killed the president.

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