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February 1, 1918: The Agrarian Reform Makes Progress

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On February 1, 1918, the presidential resolutions were known by means of which the head of the executive branch authorized the resources and restitution of public land to several towns.

The National Agrarian Commission, chaired by the Secretary of Agriculture and Development, Pastor Rouaix, had analyzed and ruled the resolutions made by the local agrarian commissions and had passed them on for approval to the President Venustiano Carranza, in accordance with the procedure established by the Agrarian Law of January 6, 1915.

With these resolutions, the government of President Carranza ratified his commitment to the agrarian reform. In the following months of that year, he would endow 82 towns with 86,746 hectares and give back to five more towns with 21,284 hectares.

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