Shen Yun

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China was known as the Land of the Divine. Everyone, from the Emperor to the commoner, believed that their culture was a gift from Heaven. They lived in harmony with the Universe, and saw a connection between all things. These principles were part of the true Chinese culture, until it was lost.

New, we invite you to visit this lost civilization. In order to make this voyage possible, we have transcended the limits of performing arts. We have combined ancient legends with technological innovations, and historically accurate costumes with impressive animated backgrounds. We tell stories with classical Chinese dance and share with you the beautiful and diverse ethnic and folk traditions. Full of the charming sound of our orchestra, this is a fascinating experience that you won’t live anywhere else.


May 02 2018
Wednesday , 20:30 - 22:30 hrs.
$2,496.00MX, $2,062.00MX, $1,899.00MX, $1,682.00MX


Puebla Metropolitan Auditorium   Ver más información del recinto

Sirio S/N , Esquina con Pléyades Col. Rinconada Sur Oriente, C.P. 72193, Puebla, Puebla   Cómo llegar