Cristian Castro. They Say

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Cristian Castro has achieved hits throughout his career. With more than 45 first places in the Latin rankings and positioned as the third Spanish speaking singer among the most important in the history of Billboard.

He has sold over 25 million of albums around the world getting more than 65 golden albums and 31 platinum albums, among other recognitions.

After seven years, Cristian returns with his new album They Say; accompanied by his greatest hits, he’ll tour across the songs which have made you feel, fall in love and dream: No podrás (You Won’t be Able), Lloran las rosas (Roses Are Crying), Lloviendo estrellas (Raining Stars), Azul (Blue), No hace falta (There’s no Need), No puedo arrancarte de mí (I Can’t Tear You Out of Me), Es mejor así (It’s Better This Way) and many others with which he’ll offer a romantic and unforgettable night.


December 09 2017
Saturday , 20:00 - 22:00 hrs.
$2,000.00MX VIP, $1,800.00MX Orchestra stall A, $1,700.00MX Orchestra stall B, $1,600.00MX Orchestra stall C, $1,500.00MX Orchestra stall D, $1,400.00MX Orchestra stall E, $1,200.00MX Orchestra stall F, $1,000.00MX Parterre A, $900.00MX Parterre B, $800.00MX Parterre C, $700.00MX Parterre D, $700.00MX Parterre E, $800.00MX Balcony A, $700.00MX Balcony B, $600.00MX Balcony C, $500.00MX Balcony D, $400.00MX Balcony E, $600.00MX First floor A, $550.00MX First floor B, $500.00MX First floor C, $450.00MX First floor E, $450.00MX Second floor A, $400.00MX Second floor B, $350.00MX Second floor C, $300.00MX Second floor D, $250.00MX Second floor E


National Auditorium   Ver más información del recinto

Paseo de la Reforma 50 Col. Polanco V Sección, C.P. 11570, Deleg. Miguel Hidalgo México, Ciudad de México   Cómo llegar

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