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Prime Time Series

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In a context of German authoritarianism during the World War II, French young people create Résistance, a clandestine organization that seeks the autonomy of France against Germany, its strategy is to create a communication network between the key points of the country, so that they found a newspaper with the same name as the group.

In this scenario is Lili Franchet, who at her 17 years lives alone in Paris, is an orphan of mother and whose father did not share her revolutionary ideals. The young lady began to work in the Museum of Man, meeting point of dissidents that make up the Résistance group, so soon she joins them and together fight the Nazi army through their publications, a situation for which Gestapo is constantly persecuting them.


Alain Goldman (episodio 1), David Delrieux y Miguel Courtois (episodio 2-6)


Pauline Burlet Tom Hudson Jérémie Petrus Robert Plagnol Pascale Arbillot Stéphane Debac Nicolas Koretzky Valérie Karsenti Isabelle Nanty Cesar Domboy Richard Berry Fanny Ardant


From Monday to Thursday March 20 to 27 2017, 21:00 - 22:00 hrs.


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