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Tlalpujahua, an Obligatory Visit!

For many years now, Tlalpujahua, a population known for its colonial and mining history, stands out because of the artisanal crafting of Christmas balls, which each year counts 110 million. About 60% are exported to countries such as Argentina, United States, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, and some in Europe, while 35% is sold in the country.

Tlalpujahua’s Christmas balls stand out because of their quality, originality, and low price. They are made with blown glass and have different finishes that depend on the color, type of decoration, figure, or size, which go from 2 to 25 centimeters. Each workshop in the village offers to the visitors a variety of baubles in a really low price, because one can find balls at one Peso up to twenty-five, according to the model and size. Visit it!


April 25 2016 to December 31 2019
From Monday to Sunday , 09:00 - 18:00 hrs.

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