Archeological sites



Historically, the transition between the Early Post-Classic and the Late Post-Classic (1200 CE) is characterized in the ...



It was an important urban center during the Late Classic period, and as one of the independent and competing city-stat...

Tenam Puente


The temporality of Tenam Puente transcends the collapse of most Mayan cities in the lowlands. This city maintained com...


Estado de México

Tenayuca was the first capital of the Chichimeca of Xólotl upon their arrival to Mexico’s basin on the year 1200 CE; Xólotl’s grandson, Quina...



The monumental architecture of Peralta constitutes one of the greatest constructive expression of people who lived in El Bajío. Its remarkable arc...

La Ferreria


It's the most important site of Chalchihuites culture in its Guadiana branch, which had a maximum extension until El Zape, in the north of the stat...

Sierra de San Francisco

Baja California Sur

The site is consisted of several cave paintings in the Gran Mural (Great Mural) style, where at some places enormous p...

Santa Cecilia Acatitla

Estado de México

The site was related to Tenayuca on its early stages, although later on it was under the influence of The Triple Alliance. A Chac Mool sculpture wa...

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