Archeological sites



Historically, the transition between the Early Post-Classic and the Late Post-Classic (1200 CE) is characterized in the ...

Palma Sola


The site comprises a series of engravings and a residential area located on the superior part of the hillside where is l...


Ciudad de México

It was inhabited during the proto-urban stage of Mesoamerican societies, prior to the total urbanization of the settlements, such as the emergence ...

El Cóporo


It takes the name of the hill on which it’s located. El Coporo lies in the northern border of Mesoamerica, geographical and cultural space which ...

San Miguelito

Quintana Roo

The site was part of the pre-Hispanic chiefdom of Ecab, which had as its main economic activities: fishing, farming, a...

Tenam Puente


The temporality of Tenam Puente transcends the collapse of most Mayan cities in the lowlands. This city maintained com...



Like in other settlements in the Chenes region, Hochob began to be inhabited since 300 CE and built on a 30-meter height...

Atzompa Monumental Complex


Atzompa was one of Monte Albán’s monumental complexes. One of the peculiarities of the archaeological zone is the exi...

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