Museum of Evolution

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Featuring one of the largest collections of reptiles from the Mexican Mesozoic age, besides paleo-reconstructions, taxidermy, fossils, minerals, and rock from up to four billion years, the Museum of evolution was inaugurated in Puebla city.

It is an unprecedented project for a museum, which will strengthen knowledge of the past through state-of-the-art technology, enabling to recreate scenarios of up to 14 billion years, and that brings the public near science, nature, and biodiversity.

It is a space encompassing from the Big Bang to the apparition of life on Earth, and has the scientific endorsement of institutions in Germany, united States, Canada, Spain, and Brazil.

Over 10,500 square meters of exhibition in 4 rooms and an ample lobby.

  • Room 1: Origin of the Universe and Evolution of Life
  • Room 2: The Giants of the Mesozoic age
  • Room 3: The Expansion of Mammals
  • Room 4: Evolution and Biodiversity


Calzada Ejército de Oriente y Cazadores de Morelia S/N , Col. Unidad Cívica 5 de Mayo, C.P. 72260, Puebla, Puebla


From Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 - 17:00 hrs.




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Tel. 222) 213 0289 y (222) 234 6821